The Original Fine Tip PVA Glue Applicator For Precision Craftwork


1mm quilled paper design glued inside the watch cover. Peter White, from Meopham Marquetry Group, very kindly sent us this “action shot” of one
of his marquetry pieces at an early stage in the making.   Even the narrowest parts of the die cut can be glued with the Fine Tip.
Another of Scalescenes downloadable kits which will make this superb model. A Quilled Card for a Golden Wedding Brightly coloured Butterflies for decoration. The album, made of envelopes and pages covered with patterned papers and fussy cutouts (Botanical Tea Graphic 45 papers) fits inside this house shaped box measuring 9” wide. She uses our Applicator with Scotch Quick Dry glue for sticking down the small details.  Anne gives Michael some real problems photographing her cards when they have silver, gold or pearlised paper on them! 
This one is made from quilled wheatear shapes with a metallic blue centre. Quentin Smith’s river scene is only 101mm by 70mm - <I>that’s a lot smaller than a CD case! </I> 
It was awarded the Best Miniature in Show at the Marquetry Society's 2012 Annual Exhibition.
Janet Parsons has a Hearing Dog for Deaf People, she will be 87 years old soon and has made cards for many years to raise money for her charity.  Here is one of her cheerful Birthday cards. Well done Janet, we hope you enjoy using your applicator for many more years.  Graham Birt, of Staffordshire Marquetry Group decorated this Fire Screen with Marquetry designs of horses and foals. Wendy Smith sent us this 1/12th scale miniature room scene which she decorated.  She told us the tiny chinoiserie and wall decorations are raised with gesso using the fine tip applicator. This Edwardian lady, with her hat and tiny accessories, gloves and handbag (real kid glove leather),
are all made by Steph Sharland using only glue or fray stop. Another example of  a Scalescenes kit this one of a Church. John Wiffen tells us that gluing detailed elements such as the window tracery is much easier when using a Finetip, especially when working in N scale One of Frances Lewis's decorated eggs, designed by Lesley Sedgwick for her students. Members of Anne's Quilling class made exotic flowers for a national display. 
This lovely flower was made by Pat McGee and is about 8 inches high. Eunice Meeus is lucky enough to teach card making skills onboard cruise ships and has kindly shared some
of her designs with us.  She uses the applicator for all the different techniques shown. Wrapping paper provided an unusual background for this design Fee Jackson of Pyewackit uses the applicator  for drawing the glitter tattoos which can take around an hour depending on how much detail is put in and whether or not you want to add shading or in fills, lettering etc. This special Birthday card was Quilled for one of our friends as the clematis is one of her favourite plants. 
The detailed work was made much easier with the Fine Tip.  Tracey Shockledge cut and decorated this elegant egg with the little mermaid inside. One of Anne’s original designs, made to show a variety of quilling techniques, 
with papers of  varying  widths from 1 to 10mm – using the Fine Tip Applicator of course!
Wendy Smith enjoys Calligraphy using the applicator for Gesso and covering with Gold leaf. 
Here she has illustrated "Amen" on parchment. Here is the interior of John Wiffen's large station. Avid crafter Tracey Shockledge makes lovely cards and also decorates eggs. One of Steph's elegant ladies ready for Ascot perhaps? Liz Smith of Streets Hill Miniatures  1:12 scale "Two rats playing on an old milking stool" Flower Soft makes a lovely cuddly bear on this <I>Just a Note </I>card Robin Britton of Coombe Crafts sent "Fag Ash Lil", which she makes in both 1/12 and 1/24 scale. 
See Miniature Dolls and Furniture in the Techniques section. Anne used skeleton leaves, quilled and punched flowers to create this triangular card. 
All the elements were glued in place with the fine tip applicator.
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Deanna Hilton is a leather worker making beautiful bespoke items.
Anne based her design on a Dutch swirl technique to make this “Any Occasion” card.  , Using 3mm width quilling papers it is quite dimensional. The card is edged with metallic peel-off border strips. One of Deanna's finished leather bags which she designs and makes using our applicator. Hand painted padded silk in an aperture card, with gold edging and Quilled motif. Anne enjoys silk painting and she uses her applicators for outlining the designs with Gutta.
Here she is painting a long scarf, having previously drawn her design with both clear and gold Guttas.  Diane Harfield working on a big commission for a relative of Gertrude Jekyll who designed the garden for Queen Mary's Dollshouse! 
Here she is making miniature 1:12 scale Passiflora. A miniature framed picture using purple quilling inside an Octagonal box, made with The Fine Tip Glue Applicator. Shiro Ono, a superb quiller from Japan quilled Big Ben. The frame size is 330mm x 700mm.
The clock actually works. Difficult for him to display in Britain due to its size but we can enjoy it here. Margaret Holden, one of Anne's students, created this 3-D paper Passion flower inside a glass terrarium. Steph loves and uses our applicators for her miniatures work.  She keeps separate ones filled with differing consistencies of PVA and Fray Stop for her exquisite creations.  You can see how such tiny details can be achieved with the Fine Tip and the pound coin shows the scale. Sherry Rodehaver has designed a great many little paper animals which Anne enjoyed making. The pure silk wig in 1/12th scale was made using the merest smidgen of glue from the applicator. <BR>The real diamond (circa 1920) in this model came from one of Steph Sharland’s mother's old rings.
Pam Garvey decorated this egg after being inspired by looking at Fabergé eggs.  Another view of the upturned hull of HMS Hood under construction. Sue Brown of Sticky Earth Café uses the applicator for fine writing on ceramics. Bernie Butler is a balsa aeromodeller, building mainly vintage and indoor free-flight models. He says “<I>I stick bits of balsa together almost every day! With these applicators I can get just the right amount of glue into the joint with the minimum of cleaning up.</I>” The Fine Tip Glue Applicator is easy to use with teabag folding This Filigree bowl was made with Dutch gold edged paper and formed over a little dish. It measures 3" (8cm) in diameter. A pair of tall narrow cards which Anne made using 1mm width quilling strips to make the ears of corn.  Japanese hand made paper is layered with white and gold Gossamer on the right hand card. John Wiffen of has been really busy using our applicator to build the model for his new Large Station kit When constructed this amazing Georgian Mansion is only 4.5 inches wide!  Kathryn Gray of Templewood Miniatures,
who provide this kit amongst others, recommends our Fine Tip Applicator as it makes it easy to put together. Pam Garvey made this delicate filigree Aperture card, which would have been very difficult without the Fine Tip Applicator The rich colours of the flimsy Japanese Awagami paper, shown in the aperture, are picked up and used in the quilled flowers. This design was based on a piece of Dutch style quilling around wire stems and glass beads. Meconopsis (blue poppy), Paper white narcissus and red dahlias are just some of the 1/12th scale flower kits from Ladies Mile Miniatures. Tiny hats for a miniature shop. These tiny boots, made from glove leather, are laced all the way up and soled and heeled in black leather, Steph relies on the Fine Tip Glue Applicator for such detailed work. Both Anne and Michael enjoy visiting Spain and in particular a lake at Fuente de Piedra where flamingoes breed.  
This one was quilled! She created this riding hat with matching leather gloves and riding crop. Ann Jonas sent us a beautiful little card to show how she uses her Fine Tip Applicator, we love to see examples of customer’s craftwork.